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MS Asia is a registered company that operates in Malaysia. The company is approved according to the Malaysia Ordinance of Companies issued on 1965 based on government license no: 1151747-V. The company’s main business area is educational services and human development. The company is in the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. The main objective the company strives to attain is developing human capital. To accomplish the company’s vision and objectives, MS Asia has ever since strived to develop partnerships with all institutions and organizations in the field of Education and Human Development.


About the Program

The Arabic language receives ample care by the people and governments in South East Asian countries. This is due to some religious, academic, social, civilization, cultural and economic reasons and others.
Learning the Arabic language has taken a remarkable leap as it was finally included in the curriculum for schools and religious centers in many countries. Due to the noble religious and educational objectives achieved by these schools and centers, these schools are believed to have played a great role in the formation of a well-rounded and educated society. Such schools and centers became the underlying base for education, and their alumni have become among the key leaders in the country.
Based on the above, MS Asia conducted several training courses for teachers of Arabic language for non-natives in Malaysia and other South East Asian countries, one of which was the Arabic Language Teachers Forum in South East Asian Countries. After the great success the forum achieved, MS Asia decided to conduct the program for teacher of Arabic language for non-natives on annual basis. The program combines all teachers of Arabic language in these countries and offer intensive training courses on teaching the Arabic language for non-natives. The objective is to rectify the educational pathway of teaching Arabic language for non-natives in a sound and modern fashion to engage non-Arab students and improve their performance.


The target audience of the program is teachers of Arabic language for non-natives in South East Asian countries.\


  1. Qualify and improve the performance of Arabic language teachers in centers and schools.
  2. Identify the developmental aspects of teaching the Arabic language.
  3. Determine new techniques for teaching the Arabic language.
  4. Provide time, fund, resources and the right planning, competent effort and modern ways of teaching the Arabic language.
  5. Introduce excellent educational models for teaching the Arabic language.
  6. Promote specialized curriculum of teaching the Arabic language for non-natives.
  7. Exchange educational experience among such organizations.
  8. Create database for centers and institutions concerned with and which are specialized in teaching the Arabic language in South East Asia.
  9. Introduce patrons’ efforts for promoting the Arabic language.

Expected outputs of the program

  1. Enhance teachers’ interest and passion for the Arabic language.
  2. Developing techniques for teaching the Arabic language.
  3. Exchanging necessary experiences for promoting the Arabic language.
  4. Increasing teachers’ motivation toward teaching the Arabic language.


  1. Carefully planning for the program based on a long experience in the educational field and the corporate’s experience in conducting training programs.
  2. Competent staff and trainers to deliver the program.
  3. The company’s experience in this field which enabled to gain partnerships with various universities and educational institutions including:
    • International Islamic University Malaysia.
    • Medina International University Malaysia
    • Khartoum International Institute of Arabic Language, Sudan.
    • International Academic Center Seri Lanka.
    • International language center in Songhai China.
    • Ibn Auf College of Technology Thailand.
    • Al-Bayan Colege for Sciences and Technology Sudan.
    • Human Development Organization Manila Philippines.

Graduation Ceremony

At the end of the program, a closing ceremony will be conducted. Activities that reflect the acquired skills from the program will be displayed and certificates will be awarded by MS Asia.

Documentation of programs and activities

Documentation of the entire program and a final wrap up report are prepared.

Video Describing the program