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MS Asia is a registered company that operates in Malaysia. The company is approved according to the Malaysia Ordinance of Companies issued on 1965 based on government license no: 1151747-V. The company’s main business area is educational services and human development. The company is in the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. The main objective the company strives to attain is developing human capital. To accomplish the company’s vision and objectives, MS Asia has ever since strived to develop partnerships with all institutions and organizations in the field of Education and Human Development.


About the Program

An educational program that aims to help students in education and improve their skills and help them plan their future, as well as help students to develop love for education as the program offers a great opportunity to study English language and Robotics, which contribute to building and refining the student's personality.

The Program Goals

  • Improve access to education and educational attainment, focusing on the learning environment and quality of teaching.
  • Developing various basic skills, especially language skills, and providing students with the skills of writing and speaking.
  • Generate their desire to love science and good work, and prepare for the next stages in their lives
  • Developing students' technical skills

Program content (proposed)

Contains courses for students in the following subjects:

SubjectsEnglish Language + human development courses (plan your future) + RoboticsEducational games, competitions, skills, Robotics visits and more

Weekly Program

program day06:00 – 06:3006:30 – 08:3009:00 – 12:2012:30 – 02:0002:00 – 04:3004:30 - 05:1505:00 – 07: 0007:00 – 09:0009:00 -05:30
Monday to FridaySuboh Prayer and Reading QuranSports + BreakfastEnglish language study (1st & 2nd week) Robotics course + human development (Week 3 + 4)Dohur Prayer + LunchBreakAsir Prayer + SnackContests and gamesRead the evening Doa'a+ Maghrib prayer + dinner + esha'a prayerSleeping time

From Saturday to Sunday we organize trips to various amazing locations in malaysia


Expected outputs of the program

After the end of this program we expect God Almighty to: -

  1. Students acquire basic English language skills
  2. The student has many skills, especially Robotics skills
  3. The student has a strong desire to pursue technical education
  4. The student is a positive member of the community

Graduation Ceremony

At the end of the program, a graduation ceremony will be held for students in which some activities will reflect some of the skills they have acquired from the program.

Documentation of programs and activities

The program will be fully documented and parents will be kept informed on a daily basis.


Video Describing the program