Mr. Saleh Al Zoman

Mr. Saleh Al Zoman
Education Managment
Saudi Arabia
Career and experience
  • A history teacher at the high school of Nhawand 1406 AH
  • Middle and secondary agent memorizing the Holy Quran 1413 e
  • Director of primary memorization of the Holy Quran first 1415 e
  • Director of the middle Abdullah bin Habib memorization of the Koran 1418 e
  • Middle and secondary agent memorizing the Holy Quran 1421 e
  • Director of Al-Majd Al-Ahlia Secondary School
  • Educational Supervisor (Social) Department of Education in Riyadh 1424 e
  • General Supervisor (Social) in the General Administration of Educational Supervision in the Ministry of Education from 1430 AH.
  • Coordinator of the course system and adult education in the General Administration of Educational Supervision at the Ministry of Education
  • Teacher (Social) Delegate from the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom from 1433 AH until now (this year is the end of the mission)
Charitable work
  • Director of the Summer Center, Abdullah bin Habib for the memorization of the Holy Quran in Riyadh in 1419 and 1420 e
  • Director of Financial Resources Department at the Women's Schools Department of the Holy Quran Memorization Association in Riyadh from 1413H to 1420H
  • Director of Public Relations and Media Department of the Quran Memorization Society in Riyadh from 1426 to 1430 H.
  • Director of the Office of the end of the charity charity from 1430 to 1433 e
  • Director of Iqraa Institute for Teaching Arabic for Non-Native Speakers Malaysia from 1435 AH and still.
  • Supervisor of competencies Asian Malaysia from the beginning of the project in the month of spring I of 1436 and still.
  • Collaborated with the Association of Mercy Mission Malaysia from 1434 AH and still
  • Collaborated with the Islamic Center and its branches in Cambodia from 1435 AH and still
  • Courses were offered in Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Cambodia and the Philippines
Courses for Mr. Saleh Al Zoman
There is no courses under Mr. Saleh Al Zoman at the moment ..